When Annie Leibovitz Visited Kateeva

We’ve welcomed many VIP guests to Kateeva. Customers, noted technologists, and academics. Public figures too.

Then there was the day that famed photographer Annie Leibovitz stopped by.

Here’s how it happened: earlier this year, our HR solutions provider TriNet launched a national branding campaign. They call it “People Matter.” On billboards from coast to coast and myriad digital platforms, the campaign features images of “people at work” at the small and medium size businesses that TriNet serves.

The photographer was Annie Leibovitz. And Kateeva is part of the campaign.

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But Annie is in a class of her own for creating images that convey ideas more brilliantly than the written word. With an expert eye, she captured people at work in TriNet client companies as diverse as custom bicycle makers and bakers, to technology firms like Kateeva. Innovators, entrepreneurs and achievers. In their unique work environment. Un-posed and authentic.

When you find yourself on a Brooklyn billboard!

If your Bay Area peninsula commute involves southbound 101, you’ve probably seen a TriNet campaign billboard. If you’re Brooklyn-based, you might even have spotted this one featuring the “People Matter” slogan. It didn’t take our president Conor long to find himself and fellow co-founder Valerie featured in the “O”.

TriNet’s branding campaign coincided with the debut of our new campaign to give fresh definition to the spirit and principles that shaped Kateeva’s evolution and will guide our future growth. TriNet has been part of our journey almost since the start. While we focused on innovation, they helped provide HR solutions, which meant we could recruit top-notch talent in a very competitive marketplace and continue to build our business.

Annie captured the vibe at Kateeva. Brilliantly. Her visit is now part of our corporate lore.