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Kateeva® & YIELDjet℠ Product Development & Manufacturing Services & Support

Transformative Technology Calls for Best-in-Class Product Development & Manufacturing Services & Support

At Kateeva, we’re disrupting how OLEDs are manufactured with a mission that it is imperative to provide exceptional product development, manufacturing services and customer support.  Rapid response times and well-trained service personnel are a given.  In addition, our OLED, ink, print and equipment experts are routinely found at customer sites – providing expert technical advice and roadmap guidance.  This enables customers to optimize their processes and produce the cutting-edge flexible and large-scale OLED displays made possible by Kateeva technology.

Innovating with an Eco Eye

In everything we do, as well as the products we make, we’re guided by environmental priorities. 24/7. It’s not just about making our products more efficient with cool mechanical design features, or dramatically reducing consumables.  Neither is it about turning our California facility into a super-energy-efficient hub, although we’re pretty obsessive about that.  It’s about enabling amazing OLED displays with low-power advantages—allowing our customers and their customers to reduce their carbon footprint as well.

On these important eco-initiatives we work closely with the California Green Business Program – joining local companies large and small in a community-wide effort to protect, preserve and sustain our environment. We’re proud to be “Green Certified” by this important program.  It’s meaningful to the Kateeva team.  And it’s also good for business!