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Inkjet Printing for OLEDs to Feature at Fall Conferences

Newark, Calif., Sep. 8, 2016—Kateeva executives will present at the following technical and business conferences. Each talk will focus on advances in inkjet printing for OLED mass production.


OLEDs World Summit; San Diego, California; Sep. 21 @ 4:35pm

Inkjet Printing: Tackling the ‘Achilles Heel’ of OLED Displays

Dr. Neetu Chopra, Device Technology Manager


2016 Global Materials Tech Fair; Seoul, South Korea; Sep. 22 @ 10:00am

Keynote Address

Larry Timm, Executive Vice President of Customer Satisfaction


Interactive Display Conference; San Jose, California; Sep. 26 @ 12:05pm

Inkjet Printing for OLED Mass Production

Dr. Gerry Chen, VP of Technology


IMID Business Conference; Seoul, South Korea; Oct. 27 @ 4:35pm

Inkjet Printing for OLED Mass Production

Dr. Jeff Hebb, Vice President of Marketing


Display Innovation China 2016; Beijing, China; Nov. 2 @ 9:40am

The Era of Inkjet Printing for Flexible & Large-size OLEDs has Arrived

Dr. Xiao Chen, Senior Director of Technology & Business Development


Printed Electronics USA; San Jose, California; Nov. 16-17

Inkjet Printing for OLED Mass Production

Dr. Xiao Chen, Senior Director of Technology & Business Development

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Kateeva makes breakthrough production equipment for manufacturers of advanced electronics technologies. The company has pioneered a precision deposition technology platform that uses innovative inkjet printing to deposit coatings on complex applications with blinding speed and superb accuracy. Kateeva’s YIELDjet™ manufacturing equipment solution enables cost-effective mass production of OLED displays. Today, the company’s YIELDjet™ FLEX system leads the market for flexible OLED mass production. Kateeva is headquartered in Silicon Valley, maintains operations in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China, and is backed by leading Venture Capital firms and other investors. www.kateeva.com.

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