Committed to Our Shared Community

Innovating with an eco-eye

In the way we work, as well as the products we make, we’re guided by environmental priorities. 24/7.   

It’s not just about empowering our technology with advanced hardware and software features that dramatically reduce consumables in the manufacturing process, and increase power-efficiency. Or turning our California HQ into a super energy-efficient hub. It’s not even about our relentless drive to reduce, reuse and recycle in our workplace, although we’re pretty obsessive about that.

It’s broader. And it goes directly to the products our technology helps to build: OLED displays. Futuristic digital screens that will give form to devices that’ll be used by hundreds of millions of consumers. OLED-enabled devices with improved power advantages over conventional displays.



Green Certified

On these and other environmental priorities, we work closely with the Bay Area Green Business Program—joining local companies large and small in a community-wide effort to protect, preserve and sustain our environment. Because the higher our eco-standards, the better we’re serving our customers and the communities we call home.

We’re proud to be “Green Certified” by this important program. It means a lot to the Kateeva team. And it’s also good for business.


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