Committed to
Customer Success

Partnering from R&D to mass production

Like us, our customers are pioneers. They are boldly migrating across a new display frontier and pushing the boundaries of production equipment technologies to drive the transition.

They are revolutionizing the very contours of the digital devices used by consumers the world over. Our global infrastructure is built to support their endeavors, from R&D to mass production.

World-class facilities and expertise under one roof

Our mission is to work closely with our customers so that they can develop and mass produce OLED displays as quickly as possible and with the highest possible yields. Ramping an OLED line from start-up to mass production quickly depends on having a clear understanding of the interactions between equipment, process integration, and device performance. To support our customers in this endeavor, we maintain state-of-the-art facilities for device fabrication, ink formulation, and demos at our Silicon Valley headquarters. We also have world-class expertise in print technology, OLED devices, and OLED process integration based at our headquarters. With these resources in a single location, we can solve difficult problems quickly and efficiently.

Innovation collaboration

Close technical collaboration between display manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and material vendors is critical to the rapid innovation required for our customers to develop and mass produce cutting-edge OLED technologies. At Kateeva, we establish close, long-term partnerships with our customers to ensure that we are developing the right products at the right time. Early engagement, open communication, and the commitment of Kateeva’s diverse group of technical experts are the key ingredients to helping our customers stay ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic OLED market.

Supporting success in the field

Disrupting an industry with a new technology calls for rapid response to any field issue, and consistent open dialogue on technology roadmaps and related requirements. Extensive support in the field is required to do this effectively. Kateeva’s local service engineers and applications engineers are strategically stationed in the field to provide world-class hardware, software, and process support. Our HQ technical experts are also routinely found at customer sites, providing technical guidance on an integration issue, aligning technology roadmaps, or discussing the next phase of R&D experiments.


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