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Kateeva aims to reduce the cost of making flexible and large-scale OLEDs. Radically.

We’ve pioneered a new inkjet printing manufacturing equipment solution that will enable such OLEDs to be produced over large areas and in high volume – with longer lifetimes, higher yields and lower costs.

Our approach solves key manufacturing challenges that previously prevented the well-proven inkjet technique from scaling to perform reliable, high-volume OLED printing.

For OLED producers of curved, bendable, and flexible displays, as well as large displays like 55” TVs, it’s a breakthrough. It represents the industry’s first economically viable and production-worthy technique to use printing for low-cost mass-production of OLED displays.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, our team is staffed by OLED, ink and printing experts, as well as experienced semiconductor and FPD equipment executives. Collectively, we intend to put “Dream Displays”, with their incredible clarity, performance and low-power advantages, within affordable reach. At last!