Displays. Re-imagined

OLEDs: The future on display

OLED technology has re-defined the digital screen. Vivid color and remarkable image quality came first. Now, it’s flexible OLEDs. Ultra-thin and feather-light displays that give extraordinary reach to consumer product design innovation.

Kateeva re-imagined inkjet as the ideal OLED mass-production equipment solution. We developed the world’s first inkjet printer specifically to manufacture OLEDs in high volume. Our equipment innovation helped speed the adoption of OLED technology.

View from all angles

Now, the OLED revolution is taking digital screens across a frontier that was previously unimaginable. It’s tablets and smartphones that will curve, roll and even fold without breaking. Because with OLED technology, displays can be manufactured on plastic substrates for the first time—a “freedom from glass” breakthrough that means any surface can be transformed into a beautiful, seamless, and interactive display.

The future. In print

Kateeva’s innovation helps make it possible. And today, our inkjet printing manufacturing equipment solution leads the market for flexible OLED mass production.

We’re headquartered in Silicon Valley, with sales and support operations in China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

We like to say that the future of displays is unfolding. And it’s “Inkjet for OLED” that’s bringing the future of curved, foldable and even roll-able consumer devices to the present.


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