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November 29, 2017

Kateeva introduces OLED RGB pixel deposition line-up

Kateeva, an expert in inkjet deposition equipment solutions for OLED display manufacturing, introduces a suite of YIELDjet™ inkjet equipment for…

November 28, 2017

The age of OLED displays

Display technology using OLEDs has made the leap to commercial adoption in the past few years, setting the stage for…

September 19, 2017

After three decades, OLED technology continues to evolve

Going beyond the celebration of milestones in OLED history, speakers at Display Week delivered their prognosis for the flexible light-emitting…

May 1, 2017

Senate judiciary committee holds hearing on intellectual property as a driver of innovation

Taking place one day prior to World Intellectual Property Day, the day’s meeting focused on how intellectual property enables innovators to…

April 5, 2017

VC-backed Kateeva names Going as CFO

Kateeva, a market leader in OLED production equipment solutions, today announced that Stephen (Steve) Going has been appointed Chief Financial…

March 13, 2017

Kateeva Doubles Manufacturing Space

OLED ink-jet developer Kateeva announced that it expanded its headquarters in silicon valley – in fact it doubled its manufacturing…

September 8, 2016

Your next TV might roll out of a printer

Kateeva’s inkjet equipment promises to drive down prices for OLED sets.

July 19, 2016

Kateeva: Enabling OLED Success

Solid State Technology catches the highlights of Conor’s keynote at SEMICON West 2016.

June 30, 2016

A Conversation with Chief Product Officer Eli Vronsky

Eli caught up with Ron @ OLED-Info during Display Week. Tune into their discussion.

September 4, 2015

Lighting, displays and more go organic

From lighting and television screens to displays, smart devices and light-absorbing windows, OLEDs are turning up in an increasing number of applications. Many companies are taking advantage of the opportunities they provide, working on more …

July 20, 2015

Inkjet printing equipment for organic LED mass production

Conor, Steve & Eli explain why inkjet printing is optimum mass-production equipment solution for large-size OLEDs.

June 11, 2015

Top 6 OLED developments for 2015 (so far)

OLED reporter Dennis McCarthy gives his take on key developments sending the OLED industry into high gear.

June 9, 2015

DuPont to deliver bespoke material set for Kateeva’s YIELDjet platform

Mass-produced printed OLED TVs could be available sooner, due to a cooperation agreement between Kateeva and DuPont Displays announced on 1 June.

June 9, 2015

DuPont and Kateeva partner to advance OLED inkjet printing

Dupont and inkjet equipment maker Kateeva have collaborated to develop optimized inks, equipment, and processes to further advance inkjet printing technology for Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display devices.

February 14, 2015

Tackling the "Achilles' heel" of OLED displays

Inkjet-printing system could enable mass-production of large-screen and flexible OLED displays.

February 11, 2015

Kateeva and Sumitomo to pair P-OLED materials to Kateeva's ink-jet system

Kateeva and Sumiomo Chemical announced a non-exclusive key partnership to pair Sumitomo's P-OLED materials to Kateeva's YieldJet OLED ink-jet printing platform.

January 20, 2015

Team up expedites large-size, inkjet OLED TV time-to-market

Kateeva, an inkjet printing equipment provider, and Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd, a global supplier of organic light emitting diode (OLED) materials, have entered a deal to collaborate on accelerating inkjet uptake for large-size OLED TVs. …

January 20, 2015

OLED TVs To Cost 20-30% Less Than LCDs?

Nitrogen. 100 years ago it revolutionized agriculture. Kateeva now hopes to use it to change the market for big screen TVs.

December 8, 2014

Samsung-Backed Kateeva Heralds Curved & Flexible OLED TV

Samsung could be on the verge of re-entering the OLED TV race following an announcement from startup Kateeva that it’s perfected a new process of making the displays.

December 8, 2014

Kateeva Introduces YIELDjet FLEX

First YIELDjet system is mass-production ready.

November 19, 2014

Mass Production of OLEDs Nears Reality

Two recent events have signaled that mass-production of flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) may be reaching a critical point. First, the R2D2 OLED research consortium in Germany has begun investigating production-processes and technologies for manufacturing …

November 18, 2014

Kateeva Announces a New Ink-jet Based OLED Encapsulation System

Kateeva unveiled a new mass production flexible OLED thin film encapsulation (TFE) system based on their ink-jet technology. The YIELDjet FLEX can enable cost-effective encapsulation deposition, and Kateeva says that the first mass-production system will …

November 18, 2014

First Mass-Production YIELDjet Systems to Ship in November

Kateeva president Conor Madigan explains to +Plastic Electronics why its new YIELDjet Flex could replace shadow mask deposition equipment for the fabrication of organic layers in OLED stacks.

September 26, 2014

Here Are The Innovations Likely To Win The Nobel Prize For Chemistry

The winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry won't be announced for a little while — Wednesday, October 8th, to be precise — but we may already have an idea of who might win, thanks …

September 25, 2014

Thomson Reuters Predicts Nobel Prize for Kateeva CTO Steve Van Slyke

For their co-invention of the OLED, Thomson Reuters names Kateeva CTO Steve Van Slyke and Ching W. Tang as contenders for the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

September 23, 2014

Chasing LG’s OLED TV, Samsung Bets on Inkjet Printing Tech

OLED is seen as the perfect technology for TV displays. It produces fantastic images, the screens can be flexible and thin, and they’re very easy on power consumption. But building OLED displays is easier said …

September 22, 2014

Recent Hardware VC Deals To Watch

Hardware is one of the most important sectors in tech.

September 22, 2014

Samsung Bets On OLED Printer Maker Kateeva

Let’s talk OLEDs. The news this week is that OLED startup Kateeva, based in Menlo Park near Facebook’s campus, just collected another $38 million in funding, a chunk of that from Samsung.

September 17, 2014

Veeco boosts investment in wearable-device tech

Veeco Instruments Inc. is doubling down on a Silicon Valley startup whose inkjet technology will be used to produce electronics like watches and tablets with flexible displays.

September 16, 2014

Kateeva raises $38M to bend screens on TVs, smartphones, wearables

Inkjet printing startup Kateeva raised $38 million as it works on technology for making flexible screens that could be used on TVs and other electronics.

September 16, 2014

Kateeva closes series D round with $38 million in financing

Kateeva has announced that it has closed its Series D round with $38 million in financing.

September 16, 2014

Samsung joins $38 million investment round for Kateeva’s OLED inkjet platform

OLED inkjet equipment developer Kateeva announced the successful completion of a Series D funding push on 15 September.

September 16, 2014

Kateeva receives $38 million in financing

Kateeva announced that it has closed its Series D round with $38 million in financing. The newest participant is Samsung Venture Investment Corporation.

September 16, 2014

This New Technology Will Finally Bring Flexible Displays To Market

Flexible touch screens have been "just round the corner" for some time now. Heck, Samsung showed off a flexible screen at CES in January 2013. Sadly, it was just a prototype. The truth is that …

September 16, 2014

Kateeva Raises $38M for Printable, OLED Display Screens

A few weeks after unveiling a smartwatch with a curved screen, the venture arm of Samsung Electronic Co. Ltd. has led a $38 million growth round in Kateeva Inc . to bankroll the technology making …

September 16, 2014

Unbreakable Smartphones And Better TVs? Silicon Valley's Quiet $110M Startup Could Make Them Both Reality

When we last visited Kateeva, a startup based in a modest building not far from Facebook’s Menlo Park, Calif. headquarters, the company was fresh off the acquisition of a small firm halfway around the world.

September 16, 2014

OLED Startup Kateeva Hauls in Samsung as Investor

OLED displays have a lot to offer: screens can be flexible and thin, produce great images, and consume little power.

September 16, 2014

Kateeva Raises $38 Million From Samsung and Others

Kateeva announced that it closed its Series D financing round - the company raised $38 million dollars, with Samsung Venture Investment Corporation joining existing investors, including Veeco Instruments.

September 16, 2014

Silicon Valley Hardware Startup Kateeva Raises $38M For Flexible Displays

Kateeva has raised $38 million to build flexible displays using its inkjet printing technology.

August 15, 2014

Bendable Displays Are Finally Headed to Market

By the end of this year, a startup called Kateeva will start shipping manufacturing equipment that could finally bring flexible displays to market.

June 3, 2014

Conor Madigan, MIT EECS Profile

Founding Kateeva to put flexible and large-size OLEDs in the mainstream.

January 28, 2014

What is the future of manufacturing?

Davos 2014: MIT's President reflects on the future of manufacturing. Cites Kateeva and others as examples of start-ups applying innovations in engineering to re-shape manufacturing.

January 20, 2014

If This Startup Has Its Way, Your Next TV Won't Be An LCD

Tiny Kateeva, a startup in Menlo Park, Calif., is hoping its technology will be the game changer the industry needs.

January 3, 2014

Is OLED Dead? Here's Why the Answer is No

Alain points to flexible as near-term sweet spot for OLED in pre-CES interview with Forbes.

January 2, 2014

Kateeva uses Inkjet Printing for OLEDs

One company that is looking to use inkjet printing to make the production of OLEDs economically viable is Kateeva.

December 11, 2013

Oled Displays Made from Ink-Jet Printers

The engineers at the equipment company Kateeva have recently launched with what they think is the solution to significantly push OLEDs ahead. And they are doing it with an old technology: ink-jet printers.

December 11, 2013

OLED inkjet printer promises dramatic yield boosts

OLED manufacturing today is limited by vacuum evaporation techniques that use shadow masks for patterning. It is a simple and well-established technique, but inefficient, difficult to scale and prone to yield-killing particles, according to Kateeva, a …

December 3, 2013

Startup Kateeva using Inkjet printer and nitrogen to mass-produce OLED screens

Can your old inkjet printer be used to produce a cheap OLED display? Not exactly, but a startup is using inkjet technology to simplify mass production of OLED screens.

December 3, 2013

Kateeva announced OLED inkjet printing equipment

On November 20, Kateeva announced the new equipment YIELDJET– an inkjet printing manufacturing equipment solution to produce OLEDs in high volume.  It’s the world’s first inkjet printer engineered from the ground up for OLED mass …

November 24, 2013

New inkjet printer spits out cheap OLED monitors better than your inkjet prints letters

In a presentation at the Printed Electronics USA 2013 Conference in California, local startup Kateeva has shown off a new method of producing OLED screens that it claims will last twice as long as current …

November 24, 2013

Inkjet printing could be the key to cheaper, better OLED displays — seriously

Manufacturing startup Kateeva says it’s figured out a way to print OLED displays on giant inkjet printers, which should make it easier for companies to make both flexible and large-size displays.

November 24, 2013

How Kateeva's Inkjet Printing Could Make Better OLED Displays

Kateeva, a manufacturing equipment maker, is working on a means to help use inkjet printing technology to make OLED systems easier to build.

November 24, 2013

The OLEDs of the Future Could Be Inkjet Printed

In the future we should hope for all of our displays to be OLED; it's thin, light, deep with color, and energy efficient to boot. It's also incredibly expensive. That could soon change, though, thanks …

November 24, 2013

Advances in OLED Production Will Lead to Lower Prices

A five-year old California company called Kateeva has built a machine that changes the way OLED screens are manufactured.

November 24, 2013

Advances in OLED Production Will Lead to Lower Prices

A five-year old California company called Kateeva has built a machine that changes the way OLED screens are manufactured.

November 24, 2013

Kateeva announces YIELDjet—technique for printing OLEDs cheaper

A silicon valley based company called Kateeva has announced that it has developed a printing technique for mass production of OLED displays that is far cheaper that that used currently by other manufactures—they call it …

November 24, 2013

Your future OLED TV could be created with an inkjet printer

The age of printed OLED TVs might finally be upon us however, as the company recently unveiled the YIELDJet, a machine it's calling the "world's first inkjet printer engineered from the ground up for OLED …

November 24, 2013

Ink-Jet Printing for OLED Displays Debuts

Organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays have richer colors, are thinner and lighter, and can be fabricated for curved, bendable, wearable, or even roll-up displays. While OLEDs come at a high price, a California startup …

November 24, 2013

Kateeva Uses Inkjet Printer to Mass Produce OLED Displays

Can your old inkjet printer be used to produce a cheap OLED display? Not exactly, but a California startup is using inkjet technology to simplify mass production of OLED screens.

November 24, 2013

New inkjet printing solution for the mass production of OLEDs introduced

Kateeva, a US based company focused on OLED production technology, has just introduced an inkjet printing manufacturing equipment solution to produce large sized OLEDs in high volume and at the same time cut the costs …

November 21, 2013

Kateeva Proposes Printing to Make Displays

Not many hardware companies get funding these days, particularly those making manufacturing tools. Kateeva managed that feat, and now is ready to discuss its plans for shaking up display manufacturing.

November 21, 2013

Inkjet Printing Could Be the Key to Next-Generation OLED Displays

Color-rich, energy-efficient, and flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays could soon be churned out more economically on giant inkjet printers.

November 21, 2013

Startup Kateeva to super-size OLED TVs & cell phone screens for less

Silicon Valley startup Kateeva is showing off its first equipment to produce large-format OLED panels, which it hopes will help make OLED TVs cheaper and popular one day.

November 21, 2013

Kateeva finally unveil their YIELDjet OLED TV inkjet printing system

Kateeva is a US based startup that was established in 2009 to develop OLED ink-jet deposition technology originally developed at MIT.

November 21, 2013

Kateeva introduce Yieldjet to print cost effective flexible-large OLED-Tv Displays

World first mass production ready inkjet printing device to print OLEDs.

November 21, 2013

New inkjet print tool bringing flexible OLEDs to market

US firm Kateeva has announced the launch of an inkjet printing system that will enable the mass-production of OLEDs, including potentially flexible displays.

November 20, 2013

Kateeva launches high-volume inkjet OLED printer

Kateeva has produced an inkjet printer for manufacturing OLEDs in high volume called YIELDjet.

October 1, 2013

CEA Names 15 Industry Leaders to be Inducted into The 2013 CE Hall Of Fame

Kateeva CTO Steve Van Slyke among the 15 “Greats”.

October 1, 2013

Small lights, Big Impression

OLED displays are now a practical reality. Hear what OLED co-inventor and Kateeva CTO Steve Van Slyke has to say.


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