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Kateeva engages with customers at the earliest point in their innovation cycles well before visions of futuristic displays collide with manufacturing realities. They rely on our YIELDjet EXPLORE tools to test their innovation for manufacturability, flag and assess the technical challenges, map the vision to the production realities, and then pilot their process. Embedded in each EXPLORE tool are the core features and benefits of our YIELDjet® platform, enabling fast, low risk transition from R&D to mass production.


Inkjet for OLED TFE and OLED RGB R&D

The YIELDjet EXPLORE tool is used by customers as they contemplate their future technology moves. It’s tailored for smaller-sized glass and material evaluation. Featuring all the novel innovations contained in the YIELDjet platform, the EXPLORE system allows manufacturers to exhaustively examine and evaluate the myriad ways their OLED mass-production processes can benefit from Kateeva’s inkjet printing equipment solution.


Inkjet for OLED TFE and OLED RGB Pilot Production

The YIELDjet EXPLORE PRO tool is used by customers to pilot their process. It’s tailored for medium-sized glass. At this critical juncture between R&D and mass production, the YIELDjet EXPLORE PRO system helps them validate the performance demonstrated earlier by the YIELDjet EXPLORE tool in their R&D labs, while showing how the tool—now customized for their unique process—will deliver on its performance, yield and cost promises in their fabs.

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