Giving Back. It’s In Our Blood

Last month, we hosted our annual blood drive in partnership with the Stanford Blood Center (SBC). With the assistance of SBC’s expert crew, 36 pints of blood were donated by Kateeva employees that day. 12 first-time donors participated in the drive.

We first partnered with SBC last year. To date, our generous colleagues have donated 74 pints of blood, earning Kateeva Champion-level status from the SBC for our sustained support of the organization’s mobile drives.

SBC truck pulls up to Kateeva

Everyone has a reason for giving. For Mark Haman, it’s personal. He made his first donation decades ago when close family members on the East Coast were injured in a car accident. “Being on the West Coast, it was a small way I could help,” he said.  Since then, he has donated 151 pints of blood. An impressive record by any measure.

Champion donor, Mark Haman

In addition to star blood donor, Mark is a senior CAD designer at Kateeva. He joined us in 2014 as we prepared to ship our first YIELDjet™ FLEX tool for OLED TFE. With each tool comprised of thousands of precision parts, Mark and his team mates in electrical engineering helped configure the tool’s essential electrical components. Since then, more than 400 million smartphone displays have been produced using a Kateeva YIELDjet FLEX system, making our tool the market leader for this OLED application.

The blood drive is a popular pillar of Kateeva’s community engagement activities. Employees view it as a way to give back, not just locally, but also globally — wherever the blood is needed most.