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Just days to go before the biggest gathering of display experts converges in San Jose to talk information displays. It’s the place where the “future of displays” takes shape.

As a key enabler of next-generation displays, we’ll be there. In fact, at Monday’s Business Conference, our CMO May Su will share highlights on the newest innovations to our YIELDjet™ inkjet printing system that give it even greater manufacturing flexibility. Close by at our HQ in Newark, our technologists are applying these innovations to further optimize our system for applications beyond TFE OLED (where we lead the market) and RGB OLEDs, to include other pixelated printing for QD-LEDs, color filters, color conversion layers, as well as optical films that can enhance light extraction and OLED performance.

May will reveal how our technology enables these new applications. Expect her to highlight the enabling and cost advantages of inkjet printing. These are the nuts and bolts of what our customers care about. In particular, she’ll dig into how inkjet printing can help reduce manufacturing costs. A standout metric from her talk, for example, is material usage — just one area where inkjet exerts a strong lead over coating and photolithography. Inkjet utilizes 95% of solution material, whereas the number for lithography is less than 20%. That’s efficiency on display!

We expect that much of the buzz at this year’s show will center on exciting new form factors enabled by OLED technology. With OLED, any surface can become an information display. We’re seeing the earliest versions in the coolest places, like car consoles, displays that elegantly curl around building columns, and much more. They’re the ultra-thin, flexible, roll-able screens made possible only by OLEDs. The flexible revolution brought bezel-less smartphone displays to the marketplace, expanding the screen footprint to improve the viewer experience. Kateeva had a hand in that. In fact, since we first launched our YIELDjet FLEX tool for TFE OLED, more than 400 million smartphones have been produced sporting OLED screens that were touched by a Kateeva tool.

For all that, and much more, don’t miss May’s talk on Monday afternoon.

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