Saluting Our Greatest Strength: Our People

Chief People Officer

As 2020 closes, we’ve much to be thankful for – not least the extraordinary effort by world-leading scientists that developed a vaccine for COVID-19 in record time, and the amazing support infrastructure now tackling the massive task of distribution.

In our own small universe, despite the pandemic-related challenges, 2020 brought new orders for Kateeva systems; deeper engagements with customers; exciting innovations in our R&D hub, and collaborations with new partners. It also tested our innovation capacity and caused us to seek creative ways to overcome unprecedented obstacles and meet customer commitments.

We have our outstanding team to thank for our steady progress this year. Some are recent hires who found inventive ways to contribute their ideas and expertise even from remote work locations. Others are longtime employees whose enduring passion for innovation inspires us to fearlessly take on new challenges and find solutions to the most difficult technical obstacles. Over time, they’ve become mentors and friends, as well as valued colleagues.

We’re big on marking anniversaries at Kateeva. Because we know that talented people have choices when it comes to workplace options and we feel fortunate that they choose to grow their careers at Kateeva. As we end the year, we invited employees who marked notable anniversaries to share what they do at Kateeva. In describing their roles, they convey the diverse disciplines found at Kateeva, and provide a snapshot of the world-class talent that helps us produce enabling technology solutions for our customers.

Here are just some of the people we’re so proud to call colleagues and friends.


Chris Buchner

Chris’ contribution to Kateeva as a Director of Mechanical Engineering can be found in some of the novel mechanical design features that differentiate our inkjet printers. He likes how innovation works at Kateeva, especially how fast new designs are tested and integrated into our equipment. For Chris, it’s a thrill to know that your design improved a tool’s functionality in a way that provides further enabling advantages to display customers.


Chuck H. Luu

Chuck caught the start-up bug and arrived at Kateeva to help build and test our first inkjet system. Fast-forward 10 years and he’s now a Senior Test Engineer in our Print Technology Division where he is involved in process development and characterization of the complex mechanical systems that differentiate our equipment. He was drawn to Kateeva for its vision to enable OLED displays with a truly novel mass-production equipment solution. He says that the opportunity to work with really smart people remains a big attraction to this day.


JooSung (John) Park

As a core member of our team in Korea, John has watched innovations in OLED display technologies revolutionize consumer electronics. He joined Kateeva for the opportunity to play a role in enabling the innovation. In his time at the company, Kateeva’s inkjet solution emerged from R&D to become the leading mass-production equipment solution for OLED TFE. As a Site Manager, he works closely with customers to address their near-term technology needs, as well as emerging applications for which inkjet printing is a natural fit.


Jun-Soo Choi

Installing complex inkjet systems at a customer site and preparing the systems for mass production takes a team of skilled experts. Jun-Soo is part of the team that makes it happen for our customers in Korea. As a Staff Engineer, his role extends beyond installation to deliver maintenance and production support services. Jun-Soo enjoys working in an industry that’s known for continuous innovation. When new consumer devices featuring inkjet-enabled displays are launched, it’s rewarding to know you were part of the effort, he says.


Manasi Thuse

The pace of innovation in emerging display technologies inspired Manasi to join Kateeva as a Quality Engineer. The same dynamic propelled her to her current role as a Manufacturing Engineering Manager in our Manufacturing Quality Department. Kateeva systems are comprised of 1000s of precision parts and Manasi helps ensure that every part meets Kateeva’s highest quality imperatives. In this pandemic-shadowed year with screens functioning as an essential portal to how we live, work, play and connect with loved ones, she is proud of Kateeva’s contribution to “improving the viewer experience”.


Kamala Boddeti

For an electrical engineering pro like Kamala, it’s very satisfying to watch sophisticated algorithms in motion when highly automated tools operate together in harmony on a production line. All the more so when the tools are mass-producing exciting new displays. As a Senior Software Test Engineer, Kamala tests the software that drives the automation that differentiates Kateeva’s inkjet systems. It’s a role that puts her at the intersection of the tools and the production processes enabled by our solutions.


Nick Hsu

Inkjet printing and its promising potential to enable OLED mass production inspired Nick to choose Kateeva to begin his career. Armed with a master’s degree in chemistry, he joined as an Applications pro helping to map inkjet’s powerful capabilities to customers’ applications needs. Today, he’s a Technology Director and drives technical support, as well as programs to extend Kateeva’s technology to address exciting new display applications.


Kim Scarff

As Director of Accounting Operations, Kim manages diverse projects – from day-to-day accounting duties and compliance, to long-range financial planning. Like many of her colleagues, Kim has stretched her reach at Kateeva to optimize her skills and fulfill new aspirations. She especially enjoys integrating new systems and processes across all departments where she gets to collaborate closely with colleagues throughout our global organization to drive new efficiencies and increase Kateeva’s competitiveness.


Chris Zhang

As an RPS Staff Engineer, Chris works at the forefront of Kateeva’s efforts to help display leaders in China successfully integrate our inkjet equipment into their OLED mass-production lines. He first joined as a Field Service Engineer and was soon promoted to Service Supervisor. In his three years at Kateeva, he’s watched OLED production lines proliferate in China and he’s proud to have played a small role in enabling the shift to the new display technology.


Leo Yu

As a Senior Sales Manager, Leo is a core member of our team in China. Selling Kateeva systems requires an encyclopedic knowledge of inkjet printing and its capabilities; it also calls for a deep understanding of customers’ technology priorities, as well as their mass-production goals. Leo’s steady career progression at Kateeva is testament to his expertise, as well as his unwavering commitment to satisfying customers with solutions that meet their unique production needs.


Lucas Barkley

Before his promotion to Senior Manager of Print Technology in the Print Drive Electronics & Architecture Department, Lucas was a Senior Inkjet Print Engineer. He participates in a range of activities from algorithms and jetting, to ink and substrates. A self-described “AV nerd”, Lucas enjoys turning his passion for inkjet printing into advancing display technologies in ways that were previously unimaginable. Collaborating with talented colleagues makes his day every day, he says. Seeing the result of Kateeva’s work when he picks up his smartphone, is priceless.


Ricky Lin

As a Senior Engineer in our CIM department, Ricky’s role puts him at customer sites where he tests and trouble-shoots to ensure the smooth installation of our inkjet mass-production systems. A longtime TFT-LCD industry pro, Ricky was captivated by the promise of OLED technology well before it achieved mainstream adoption. At Kateeva he feels like he played a part in helping the display industry transition to OLED.

To these individuals and ALL of our wonderful colleagues, we wish you a joyful holiday season.

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